SugarCandyMountain Studio is a cutting edge recording facility situated in the Izery mountains – a three hours drive from Berlin. We provide an ideal situation for artists who desire a high-end professional recording environment at an affordable price. Abundant nature, fresh air and luxurious lodging go hand in hand with our talented crew and state of the art equipment to provide you the ultimate recording experience. We also provide several online services, such as re-amping, mixing, mastering, arranging and more. SugarCandyMountain Studio is located between Berlin and Prague on the countryside. It was established in 2007 by the Ranjit Prasad and Roli Mosimann. We’re looking to provide the all-around experience and environment, which will help you reach full creative potential and give the best result.


Music productions made at SugarCandyMountain Studio (formerly known as Saraswati Studios):