Ranjit Prasad

Studio Founder, Music Professional, Advisor Real Estate Development

Founder & CEO Northern River Estates and Placencia Village Square

Land Development, Business Management, Marketing Projects in Belize

Co-Founder SugarCandyMountain Studios

Business Development, Finance, Marketing

Advisor at Klangchat

Strategic Partnership with Arka Mediaworks, representative at SXSW Austin 2022.

Co-Founder Aquacanna

Development and marketing of state of the art technology for the Hemp Industry. Wholesale distributor and consultant for over 500 stores across the United States.

Founder Dworek Saraswati Hotel and Spa

Manager, Business Development

Cave Recording Studios Portland


Co-Developer of „Be the Orchestra“

While living in NYC in 2013-2016 and studying compositing at Juilliards evening division Ranjit collaborated with longtime partner Henning Grambow to develop and co-compose the music for a team building project that allows non musicians to be able to perform alongside a professional orchestra.

Alabama native, multi instrumentalist and composer Ranjit Prasad (aka Roger Praise) started his first recording studio in his basement in Missoula Montana in 1995 while attending college there. In that small town he became part of an emerging music scene that included fellow Missoulians and future Portlanders such as FireBalls of Freedom and Colin Meloy of the Decemberists. After two years in Montana Ranjit moved to Portland Oregon where he enrolled at Portland State University as a double bass major and was quickly introduced to the thriving local music scene by fellow bassist Freddy Trujillo.
After playing bass for local songwriter Jim Greaves he was invited in to join him as a partner at Jim’s 3000 sq foot downtown Portland loft known as Cave Studios. There Ranjit learned the ins and outs of recording while tracking several Jazz and Indie bands from the local scene. Around 2001 Ranjit moved to Amsterdam to study Jazz at the conservatory and befriended fellow student Henning Grambow. They quickly collaborated by creating a studio to track local musicians and make their own music. In 2005 Henning moved to Berlin while Ranjit followed his wife to Poland. Ranjit teamed up with former Swans drummer and well known producer Roli Mosimann to create a large state of the art residential recording studio in the mountains of Poland. The studio provided a large backline of instruments and amps to accommodate the musicians while they worked on music in a remote setting. After 10 years of running the studio Ranjit moved over the studio to Berlin to continue his collaboration with Henning and perform around the city in various bands and music projects.